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The most frequently occurring side effects of sulphasalazine are nausea, bloating, headache, dizziness, and rash. By building up the dose these side effects can often be prevented. The urine can take on a reddish color. This is harmless, but may cause stains in your underwear. The color will disappear when you stop the drug.
Rare side effects are mood disturbances and liver function abnormalities. You will not notice the latter, but it can be detected by blood testing. Also rare are problems in the production of new blood cells. When this happens, you can experience stomatitis, a severely sore throat with fever, recurrent nose bleeds and bruises.

Contact your rheumatologist in case of:
- Rash
- Stomatitis
- Severe sore throat in combination with fever
- Recurrent nose bleeds
- Recurrent bruising

If you are experiencing many heavy side effects, you can stop using sulphasalazine. Note the day you have stopped and why. In case of doubt, contact your rheumatologist.

The effect on fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding
Sulphasalazine has no influence on fertility of women. For men, it can cause temporary infertility. This recovers a few months after stopping this drug. As far as known, sulphasalazine does not harm the unborn child. It is better not to take sulphasalazine when you are breastfeeding, because the drug appears in your breast milk.


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